Of Wizards, Audio & Animation

May 22, 2022

DAZL® release includes several improvements and bug fixes.

Continuing the recent usability theme, we've added two configuration wizards.

The Audio Animation Wizard helps one add audio-based animation to a scene (such as animating a jaw motor). The wizard quickly walks you through recording animation data based on audio. When done, you will have the audio and animation tightly synchronized during scene playback.

The Chase Group Wizard assists one in creating a DAZL chase group. Chase animations typically require much "wiring up" of multiple chase tracks to their outputs (think RGB). This wizard helps speed up the initial configuration of such chase groups.

Animation track recording also receives a new option, SDO (Smooth Decay Only). With data smoothing (Smooth option), sometimes one wishes to limit it to decay only, allowing attack (onset response) to be much faster.

Included fixes: chase RGB crossfade Blend logic now works properly, and the editor no longer potentially crashes on playback after audio clip deletion in another scene, and smaller fixes.

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