Meet DAZL Player

DAZL-integrated Media Player Software

DAZL® Player is a cost-effective software alternative to more expensive hardware media players. Use it to distribute media playback to any Windows computer on the DAZL network.

Discover how DAZL Player can save you money while also reducing your concerns about integrating remote media playback into your next DAZL showcase.

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DAZL Player Window

Credit: Hallowindow © 2010 Mark Gervais

Notable DAZL Player features ...

DAZL Integration

Effortlessly integrate with DAZL shows (via Show State Messaging feature)

Remote Playback

Distribute media playback to Windows computers on the local network

Network Messaging

Define your own control messages, leverage network broadcasting

Convenient Clip Types

Easily create new single-shot, ambient and emergency stop media clips

Bring-to-front Mixing

Seamlessly mix full screen video clips using bring-to-front functionality

Configurable Time Display

Display video time (counting up/down) with configurable format/appearance

Media Trimming

Specify which part of a media clip plays, easily utilize existing media as-is

Looped Playback

Configure media to continuously loop, such as for ambient audio/video

Automatic Pausing

Configure media to pause at playback start/end, such as for triggered effects