A Halloween Present!

August 13, 2021

You will be pleased to know that we are increasing the DAZL® value proposition yet again: first with a feature change in release, and second with a price drop.

First, we are rolling the Show State Messaging feature into DAZL Home Edition. With this change, even our most cost-effective edition can now keep video playback (such as with DAZL Player) in sync with show delivery, even as shows are paused, unpaused, emergency halted, continued or reset.

Second, we are reducing the price of DAZL Plus and DAZL Pro Editions by $100! Consider this our 2021 Halloween present. Please spread the word!

Remember the importance of keeping your software up to date. If it's currently updatable to release (you have an active maintenance plan), you may take advantage of this Home Edition improvement simply by updating your software using the built in Licensing Wizard.

Don't forget to purchase a license extension (before your maintenance plan expires!) at a huge Loyal Customer Discount if you really like our functionality and improvements.

If your software is not currently updatable to this release (your maintenance plan has expired), you may purchase a license renewal at any time using our Prior Customer Discount.

Halloween is just around the corner ... better get a move-on!