Extend/Renew Maintenance Plan

For active plans (75% Loyal Customer Discount)
  • DAZL Home 1-Year Extension$24.99
  • DAZL Plus 1-Year Extension$49.99
  • DAZL Pro 1-Year Extension$99.99
  • DAZL Player 1-Year Extension$7.49
For lapsed plans (25% Prior Customer Discount)
  • DAZL Home 1-Year Renewal$74.99
  • DAZL Plus 1-Year Renewal$149.99
  • DAZL Pro 1-Year Renewal$299.99
  • DAZL Player 1-Year Renewal$22.49

An extension will add time to the end of the active maintenance plan period, while a renewal establishes a new maintenance plan period from the date of purchase.

You may only extend or renew maintenance plans for existing valid licenses. You will need the license activation key you received by e-mail when you purchased the software.

Volume discounts are observed when extending/renewing multi-unit license plans.