Updating Software

We highly recommend using the software's built-in License Wizard to check for eligible updates. If one is available, you may download and install it directly using the wizard.

A one-year maintenance plan is included with each software purchase. Having an active maintenance plan for a product gives you free access to all updates released while that plan is valid. Your software can always be up to date, so you can benefit from all the latest feature enhancements and bug fixes, as well as priority technical support.

Furthermore, active maintenance plans may be extended, and expired ones renewed, providing continued access to updates and priority technical support.

Ineligible Updates

If an ineligible update (i.e., released after your maintenance plan has expired) is installed, the License Wizard will pop up on start-up, having detected that the existing license is no longer valid, and you will then need to renew the maintenance plan in order to continue. Thus, we highly recommend using the License Wizard to check for and install eligible updates.

Also see: License Wizard, Maintenance Plans