Several Bug Fixes

November 12, 2021

DAZL® release provides fixes to those who've kept a maintenance plan up-to-date.

Run the DAZL or DAZL Player software as a Windows administrator, and then pull up the License Wizard to check if an eligible update is available for your software.

Several bugs were fixed in regard to exportation and deletion of certain shows. A small improvement was also made to Scene Completion Flow Control, allowing another scene to be resumed upon scene completion.

We also want to give a heads-up regarding development. After Halloween, we will focus more on improving ease of use, especially in regard to configuring DMX interfaces/fixtures. It takes more effort than it should, really, for what could be a drag and drop operation. We will also work on configuration of RGB effects and the user interface in general.

Expect these changes (as well as our Winter development push) to drop after New Years.

We wish you all the best during the holiday season!