DMXking Products Supported

March 13, 2021

DAZL® release 1.1.4 sees a new interface added for DMXking USB-based interface devices: ultraDMX Micro, ultraDMX RDM Pro and ultraDMX2 PRO.

We also verified that their eDMX devices work with our E1.31 input and output interfaces: eDMX1 PRO, eDMX2 PRO, eDMX4 PRO, eDMX4 DIN, eDMX4 ISODIN and LeDMX4 PRO.

All together, these devices provide reliable DMX I/O, in addition to advanced features such as RDM, protocol bridging, universe merging, built-in DMX record / playback (both standalone and networked), and high-density LED control.

A nice addition to our show technology interfaces for DAZL.