Current Device Interfaces

Feel free to suggest an interface for a device or technology you feel should be supported.

Please note that not all features of a particular device or technology may be supported. The maximum number of supported devices may vary. Configuration of and technical problems are referred to the parent company of the device in question.

Also, some devices claiming compatibility with a particular interface or technology may or may not work as advertised. Misery Bay Software usually only tests against the original hardware.

Who What Description
DLP Design DLP-IO8-G 8-channel USB data acquisition module
DLP Design DLP-IO14 14-channel USB data acquisition module
DLP Design DLP-IO20 20-channel USB data acquisition module
DLP Design DLP-IOR4 4-channel latching relay module
ENTTEC DMX USB PRO 1-universe input/output DMX interface device
ENTTEC DMX USB PRO Mk2 2-universe input/output DMX interface device
ENTTEC Open DMX USB 1-universe output DMX interface device
ENTTEC USB Assembled Widget 1-universe output DMX interface device
ENTTEC ODE MK2 Family sACN/E1.31 DMX interface device
(Generic) E1.31 (sACN) multi-universe output DMX interface
(Generic) Joystick (Gamepad) Windows-compatible gaming input device
(Generic) Keyboard Windows-compatible keyboard input device
(Generic) MIDI In Windows-compatible MIDI input device
(Generic) MIDI Out Windows-compatible MIDI output device
(Generic) Serial (RS232, FTDI) Windows-compatible serial port input/output interface
IDVT LEDWiz LED lighting controller board
Lynxmotion SSC-32(U) 32-channel servo controller board (serial or USB)
Microsoft Xbox Controller for Windows Xbox gaming input controller
Pololu Maestro Maestro series servo/GPIO controller board
Pololu Serial Servo Serial series servo controller board
Seetron Mini SSC II 8-channel servo controller board
Ultimarc LED multi-channel LED controller board
Velleman K8055 (VM110) general purpose input/output interface board
Velleman K8062 (VM116) 1-universe output DMX interface device
Velleman K8090 (VM8090) 8-channel relay controller card

Do not use DAZL® software to control anything requiring strict safety controls to ensure the safety of life and property. DAZL is not an industrial control system. As with any software controlling third-party devices, systems and effects, there are risks. All such risks are fully assumed by the DAZL software licensee (user). In a word, know and accept the risks, or do not use the software.

All product and company names are registered or unregistered trademarks of their respective holders. Use of them does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by them (nor endorsement of them).