Compare DAZL Editions

Some features are only available in better editions of DAZL. Other important differences are the various resource limits imposed by each edition. For example, the maximum number of scenes determines how many audio/animation timelines may be used, while the number of inputs and outputs determine the extent of external interaction.

It is highly advisable to purchase more capabilities than currently needed, to allow for seamless show expansion and improvements over time.

Resources Limited By Edition


Sets are organizational in nature, used to group related scenes together, typically by physical location or by purpose.


Each scene is an independently executable audio/animation timeline, mixing the playback of audio (and external video) with the synchronous animation of lights, motors, relays and other show-related devices and effects. Useful for show sequences and triggered effects.


In the editor, inputs are used to record user performances to animation tracks. At runtime, inputs are used to trigger show behavior and logic, as well as perform live animation.


Outputs are used to translate/emit animation data to the various hardware used by a show.

Features Limited By Edition


Allows external hardware — such as a control panel consisting of lights and switches — to display and control the state of the currently running show.


Allows the runtime to automatically start and stop shows based on a schedule, without requiring a human operator to be present.


Provides password-based protection for editor and runtime programs, with customizable role-based permissions controlling which features may be accessed and by whom.