DAZL Supports ENTTEC DMX Interfaces

DAZL® has been engineered to be “technology agnostic”, working seamlessly across different technologies and vendors’ products. From the start, though, we particularly sought to support—and highly recommend—ENTTEC DMX interfaces.

If cost is one's primary concern, both Open DMX USB and USB Assembled Widget interfaces provide a single universe of cost-effective DMX512 output.

For better robustness (electrical isolation) and performance (an embedded processor), or if you need DMX512 input, the DMX USB Pro (1 universe) and DMX USB Pro MK2 (2 universe) interfaces are highly recommended.

On the Ethernet front, the ODE MK2 family of products provides a single universe of DMX-over-Ethernet input or output. And, our network E1.31 (sACN) input and output interfaces should also work with ENTTEC's high density DMX and pixel controllers.

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