Introducing DAZL

Multimedia Show Automation Software

DAZL® is powerful yet easy-to-use multimedia show automation software. Visually build your next production using the intuitive graphical editor, and then enjoy how easy it is to run using the simplified runtime control panel.

Discover why DAZL is perfect for amateur haunts, pro attractions, escape rooms, holiday light shows, animatronics, staged effects, and museum/technical art installations.

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Notable DAZL features ...

Sets and Scenes

Organize shows into sets and scenes, run them independently or synchronously

Multi-track Editing

Visually layout/edit audio and animation data side-by-side on scene timelines

Graphical Editing

Use advanced graphical tools to hand draw and manipulate animation data

Animation Tracks

Play back animation data in tight synchronization with scene audio/logic

Record Performances

Record performances to animation tracks for subsequent editing and playback

Data Interpolation

Adjust the speed animation data is emitted regardless of its sample rate

Chase Groups

Control the playback of chase sequences (patterns) to multiple animation tracks

Chase Patterns

Generate, hand draw, visually edit chase sequences using powerful editing tools

Beat-tapped Tempo

Set chase sequence tempo by tapping out the beat to audio playback

Audio Tracks

Quickly lay out, trim, loop, fade and mix audio clips to create scene soundtracks

Multi-channel Audio

Utilize multi-channel audio devices, files and speaker groups (up to 8 channels)

Speaker Groups

Organize audio device channels into smaller, more convenient-to-use groups


Record performances, trigger show behavior/logic, perform live animation

Composite Inputs

Combine multiple input resources into a single value (arithmetic/last change)

Audio Animation

Easily convert audio into animation data (jaw movement, frequency light organ)


Conceptually decouple show animations from the specific hardware being used

Output Groups

Simplify emitting animation data to multiple show outputs at the same time


Synchronize show events/devices, perform logic when something occurs


Implement advanced time-dependent show logic and processing using timers


Implement stateful show logic and processing using persisted values

Markers & Cue Points

Implement complex scene timeline progression logic and cued behaviors

Conditional Triggering

Create dynamic automation using real-time events and conditional trigger logic

Data Translation

Powerful animation data translation between different technologies

Data Merging

Specify how animation data from multiple sources is merged (HTP, LTP)

Track Automation

Use animation output to automate track volume or animation level changes

Input/Output Curves

Shape I/O data to level lighting response, ease movement, smooth animation

Audio Clip Splitting

Split audio clips in place (cross-fade or cut straight) for quick composition

Dimming and Blackout

Comprehensive support for both dimming and blackout state semantics

DMX / MIDI Fixtures

User-/pre-defined lighting/controller fixtures with input and output resources

Device Interfaces

Interfaces for DMX, E1.31, MIDI, OSC, GPIO, servos, relays, serial, TCP, UDP

Audio Clip Library

Use built-in audio clips, batch import audio files, filter search audio clips

Show Export/Import

Easily archive, restore or share DAZL shows with other users and systems

Show State Messaging

Allow external systems and devices to synchronize with a show's run state

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Show Control Hardware

Display/control the current show's run state using external hardware resources


Show Scheduling

Configure which show runs when, DAZL automatically executes the schedule


Role-based Security

Employ flexible password protection based on customizable user roles

Runtime Control Panel

Monitor and control the running of shows using a highly simplified user interface

Sets x Scenes View

See and manually cue/control the state of all scenes from one convenient view

Set-Scene-Track View

Easily adjust volume, dimming and enablement for most show elements