Much Reduced Installer Size

March 16, 2021

DAZL® release 1.1.5 sees a much reduced installer size.

While this is not the most sexy of updates, it actually helps all patrons in the long run: in terms of both download and installation/update times.

This affects the (latest) release of DAZL available on the website, as well as all DAZL update downloads. The only downside is that DAZL evaluations include much less audio clips than before. Most of the audio clips will now only be available to those who purchase the software. Think of the full audio clip package as a thank you to those who buy the software.

As always, DAZL has the ability to (batch) import user audio files, which is how most people will use DAZL, crafting their own bespoke shows.

We also fixed an obscure error message that could occur when Daylight Savings rolls around (and the customer's machine has not updated its time before trying to run DAZL).