Announcing a DAZL Price Break!

July 7, 2020

Big news! We are announcing new, more aggressive pricing for DAZL® and DAZL Player products, as well as a larger 75% discount for loyal customers (i.e., those who keep their product maintenance plans active year on year)!

This is done in the interest of helping establish DAZL as a new player in the show automation software marketplace, as well as acknowledging the "interesting times" in which we find ourselves these days; chock full of all kinds of business and personal challenges.

DAZL was created to deliver highly automated, interactive multimedia displays, such as are used in haunted houses, escape rooms, holiday light shows, staged effects, animatronic characters, museum and technical art installations, what have you.

Let 2020 be the year you discover how much DAZL can do for your professional and amateur attractions, displays and shows. Don't miss this train!

Download and try a DAZL evaluation today!

WARNING:  Use of DAZL can be highly addictive, causing you to wonder how you ever lived without it.