Activating Licenses

To use DAZL® or DAZL Player software on a computer, one must first activate it using either an evaluation or a purchased (retail) license.

An evaluation license allows software to be trial run on a single computer for up to 30 days. A retail license allows the software to be used on as many systems as it has activations. Also, a retail license is perpetual, allowing valid software to be run indefinitely.

Activation is accomplished via the software's built-in License Wizard, which presents itself whenever a valid license is not currently detected. When a new license is purchased or an evaluation is requested, a license activation key is e-mailed to the user. This activation key is then entered into the wizard. On-line activation of the software is quick and easy.

Since licenses have a limited number of simultaneous activations, it is important to deactivate licenses on systems that will no longer use the software.

Also see: License Wizard, Deactivating Licenses