Creating Jaw Animation From Dialog Audio Example

An example of how one can create jaw animation from/for dialog audio.

  1. In DAZL Editor, with your show open, view the scene which contains the dialog audio clip.
  2. Add an animation track for the jaw animation, typically a standard, non-axial track.
  3. Set the jaw animation track input to the dialog audio clip you wish to animate.
  4. If you wish to preview the animation, add a jaw animation track output for the jaw servo.
  5. Record-enable the jaw animation track.
  6. Select the region you wish to create animation data for (on the timescale at the top, left click and drag the mouse, then release).
  7. Set/toggle on the Punch-in Region for the scene from your selection (click the Set/Toggle Looped Playback Region button to the left of the Looped Playback Region range).
  8. Set/toggle on the Looped Playback Region for the scene by copying the Punch-in Region to it (click the Copy to Punch-In Region button right of the Looped Playback Region range).
  9. Start scene record/playback. (Recording of animation data will commence.)
  10. Wait for at least one full pass to convert/record all of the animation data from the audio.
  11. If you are happy with how the recorded animation looks, jump to step 15.
  12. Open the Edit Audio Conversion Parameters dialog by clicking the jaw animation track input's Edit Track Input/Conversion button.
  13. Adjust 'Gain', 'Threshold' and 'Smooth' values as the record/playback passes continue, until you are happy with what was recorded.
  14. Click Apply to close the Edit Audio Conversion Parameters dialog.
  15. Stop playback/record.
  16. Record-disable the jaw animation track.
  17. Toggle off or clear the Punch-in Region.
  18. Toggle off or clear the Looped Playback Region.
  19. Disable or remove the jaw animation track's input.